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    Tell Politicians to Save Old Growth Forests- Stop Logging US National Forests

    NYT -'“greenhouse gas emissions from logging in U.S. forests are now comparable to the annual” carbon dioxide “emissions from U.S. coal burning.” Protecting federal forest lands from logging, on the other hand, would remove 84 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year, they wrote.'

    Trees store carbon, and older trees store much more carbon than smaller, younger trees.  Older trees take carbon out of the air and add it as new layers of bark, new branches, more roots, and new leaves.

    Forests harbor water, intact ecosystems, wildlife, rare species, and wildness-  Biden and Congress are considering cutting more of them down for the usual PR reasons : thinning to prevent fires; to provide jobs; to allow timber companies to cut massive old growth trees that are resistant to fires, so the companies can make extra money, so the companies will cut some of the little trees that are not worth much to the timber companies; because the timber companies pay off politicians  and get paid to cut and to build more logging roads; for institutional habits of giving major contracts to road builders and timber companies and sawmills.

    Student Debt

    I thought that colleges spent gargantuan  amounts of money on administrators , football and  basketball, instead of on students and professors.  Here they mention that colleges kept raising their tuition because they could get away with it.  

    NPR Fresh Air

    How College Broke The American Dream

    How College Broke The American Dream
    Journalist Will Bunch says instead of opening the door to a better life, college leaves many students deep in debt and unable to find well-paying jobs. His new book is After the Ivory Tower Falls.

    Podcast critic Nick Quah reviews two podcasts about counterculture, Mother Country Radicals and I Was Never There.