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    Biking -Joy and Safety- Wear Helmets

    Biking -Joy and Safety- Wear Helmets

    A student in Ms. Murphy's class at a  youth center with a safety program for kids suggested this article that shows the advantages of wearing bike helmets . Is A Helmet Worth It

    I get joy form biking.  I often see the sunset,the moon,  birds, leaves, wildlife, and friends while biking.

    There are also some good groups that work on bicycle safety:  League of American Wheelman and a group that tries to get more protected bike lanes constructed: https://peopleforbikes.org/.  Personally I like having a flashing rear red light and a bright front light to use at night along with panniers or baskets so that I can carry stuff. 

    At a recent Boulder city council meeting,it came up that a high percentage (90%?) of accidents of cars with with bikes and pedestrians result in death when the speed limit of cars is 30 mph and that lowering the car speed limit to 20 or 15 mph makes it so that 90 % of the people live.  Students and parents speaking up individually and as part of a group at local government meetings can make a difference!

    Also, at that meeting, councilman Sam WEaver noted that 3,000 auto accidents in Boulder cost $ 100 million , which works out to be about $ 33,000 per accident.  so it is well worth it to lower the general speed limit within the city limits for non-arterial roads in order to save lots of money, not to mention to prevent suffering and death..

    Stop Nuclear Weapons!

    Stop Nuclear Weapons!

    On the anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I am reminded of the death and environmental destruction that come with the use of nuclear weapons.

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    Prevent  Nuclear War!

    Prevent Nuclear War!

    Actions you can take to prevent nuclear war: Link to article .

    August 6th and August 9th mark the 74th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    You can divest from banks and companies that make nuclear bombs.You can ask your city or pension plan to divest from the banks that make loans to nuclear companies.  

    Nausicaäof the Valley of the Wind” is good anti-war film by Miyazaki.  
    It may be “the best animated film ever made”.

    It is fun to work with idealistic folks who oppose nuclear weapons. Some marched across the country in the Great Peace March.  Others marched and rallied to close and clean up the toxic nuclear weapons plants.  Others wrote letters, sat down to block roads,  organized rallies,  made signs, stood with others with signs, attended protests, blocked railroad tracks by camping on top of them,, marched, showed films, signed postcards, and signed petitions.  Others made t-shirt designs, bumperstickers, banners,  and postcards. 

     Groups working to prevent nuclear war:

    International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons-  https://www.icanw.org/

    Union of Concerned Scientists- https://www.ucsusa.org/nuclear-weapons

    Physicians for Social Responsibility-https://www.psr.org/issues/nuclear-weapons-abolition

    Federation of American Scientists- https://fas.org/

    Shut the Camps

    Shut the Camps

    I saw this woman wearing this shirt. I told her I that liked it. She made it herself, cutting off the sleeves of a shirt and writing the words on the shirt. It made me feel good to see that she had created a message shirt to bring attention to a cause she cared about. She said many people her age don't know what this shirt is about. Here are some groups helping asylum seekers.



    Mile High Ministries Denver CO https://www.milehighmin.org

    There are other refugee groups along the borders which are mentioned in newspapers in TX, AZ, and NV.

    Here is an article about asylum seekers:


    Politicians get support by creating fear by demonizing immigrants and ethnic and religious minorities. The US refused a ship of Jewish refugees from Hitler's Germany and also imprisoned Japanese citizens. Sometimes this is done so that locals can take the houses, lands,  and farms of the minorities. This was done to the Jews in Germany,  to the Japanese in California, and to the Native Americans.  . Empires often rule by “divide and conquer”, spurring their rivals to fight each other. So the 1% may want the middle and lower income citizens to blame minorities and immigrants rather than the 1%. The US blames Muslims, Central Americans,Blacks, and Latinos; China blames the Uighurs, Burma blames the Rohingha, Russia blames the Muslims, Europeans blame Muslims and Africans, Turkey blames the Armenians and Kurds; Israel, UAE, the Saudis, and the US blame Iran; Israel blames Palestinians, Arabs blame Israel, Hindus blame Muslims, Muslims blame Hindus, ...

        There are marches and protests outside the private prisons that profit from mistreating refugees.

    Great Group Helps  Africans Plant Trees

    Great Group Helps Africans Plant Trees

    Trees for the Future gives trees to lower income people in Africa to plant .  They also give wheel barrows and shovels.  They give other seeds and seedlings.  The local people get food and income from the crops; the trees store carbon; the land comes back; and many other species of plants and animals return to flourish.   https://trees.org

    Writer Cory Doctorow Warns about the Dangers of Big Tech, Monopolies, and the Corporate and Government Takeover of the Web

    Writer Cory Doctorow Warns about the Dangers of Big Tech, Monopolies, and the Corporate and Government Takeover of the Web

    on KGNU Radio "Connections" interview (5-24-19  at 8:30 am -9:30 am in their archives). 

    He discussed how the EU passed a copyright law that will mess up small and medium websites.  He also said that we need to to have the anti-trust  and anti-monopoly laws again.  After Reagan, all these laws were overturned by judges who claimed that as long as the consumer gets cheap prices, it is fine for companies to buy their competitors- both big ones and small growing ones.  They can sharply cut what is paid to  their supply chains and workers,  like Walmart did.  And they can take over their competitors as FB did with IG and Snapchat.  Google was allowed to  buy Utube.  Cory Doctorow has radical science fiction about corporations and governments taking advantage of individuals and immigrants.  He has many great books - science fiction with characters and with  messages.  He supports the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  His website is:  https://craphound.com  He says that it is important who big tech is done "to" and who it is done "for".