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    Great 11 minute film of Mark Dubois, founder of International River network

    11 minute film interview.“Mark, first I think it’s important that one fall in love.”  "About this moment, Mark said, “As soon as he said that I realized- ah ha! I had fallen in love! I had no choice after that.”
         It led to the understanding that we can’t make a difference simply from our intellects. As Mark put it, “Once our heart is open, then the other attributes of conscious activism come into play. But the first step is falling in love. The rest flows from there.”
    We all get gifted the life we have, and coming to the river just opened my doors of perception. It opened up worlds, realms, took me a long while to really see because my education didn’t have language for the miracle I got to be exposed to. So the river very, very slowly just kept drawing me in deeper and deeper. And I just watched the smiles; everyone smiles, and we see everyone smiling - on the river I watched people smiling more profoundly, deeply.
         There was something about being in the magic of the river and the grandeur of these limestone cliffs in the Sierra Nevadas, and the beauty of wildflowers here and there. It was a miracle everyone time we turned around. Even if it took me fifty times going down the river before I started to see it, because I was trained not to see this way. So I amputated my seeing unconsciously, and the river just slowly woke me up to slowly remember to see the miracle that is everywhere.

    Republican Presidents Cheated to Win

    Thom Hartman says that Nixon got the Vietnamese to delay peace in order to beat Humphrey; Reagan got Iran to delay releasing hostages to beat Carter; George W Bush got black voters kicked off the voting rolls and got the Supremes to stop the vote counting so he could beat Gore; Trump got black people removed from the voting rolls and he gave polling data for key states to the Russians to place social media ads to sway the election versus Clinton and to almost beat Biden.

    Dangers of Nuclear Power


    "In August 2020, a nuclear reactor near Cedar Rapids , Iowa, similar to the Fukashima reactors, was hit by a derecho wind blast of 130 mph. It came close to disaster. Nuclear power technology is subject to natural events (storms, floods, earthquakes, tides, rising seas, droughts diminishing access to cooling waters, etc....) , terrorism, being targets that would spread deadly radiation in a war , hubris, greed for the power of having the technology to build a nuclear bomb and having the ability to enrich uranium or plutonium for nuclear bombs, and the blinders of not seeing ones own prejudices and goals for power and pretending to be free of mistakes. It is inextricably linked to the design and production of nuclear bombs and the lust for the power of having nuclear bombs. It also is tied to the need for the status of being powerful. It is also a technology that centralizes authority, is secretive, protects its own hierarchy of experts, covers up its own errors, and opposes free speech and open discussion of reality. TEPCO, GE, the NRC, the DOD are all like the Maginot line, the British in WWI planning on cavalry attacking machine guns, the charging of cavalry against machine guns-top down certainty of ones own rightness." I am guiity of the same certainty.
    Many leaders in science often speak up against the dangers they perceive after they discover something ( Pugwash (Atiyah, Rotblat), Linus Pauling, Leo Szilard, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Einstein,....  

    Climate Chaos and other Human- Caused Unintended Consequences

    Climate Chaos and other Human- Caused Unintended Consequences

    Under a White Sky:the Nature of the Future interview  Elizabeth Kolbert in her new book visits cases where humans have "shot themselves in the foot" and examines whether attempts, such as geoengineering to block the sun and cool the planet, are crazy or better than not doing anything.  She goes into the problems of rabbits and cane toads displacing many creatures in australia and of canals allowing invasive species  such as zebra mussels to spread. -

    Scientists now consider using genetically modified gene drives to wipe out introduced species such as mice, rats, cats, snails, or goats that are themselves killing off native rare species such as albatrosses, ducks, which have evolved on islands and have no adaptation to survive the introduced species.  What could possible go wrong?

    NPR's Science Friday 3-12-21.

    Article by Elizabeth Kolbert