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    Geology Books

    geology of the SW  US by John McPhee - Basin and Range, and Annals of the Former World-

    Annals of the Former World, -McPhee’s tetralogy on geology, was published in a single volume in 1998 and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1999.  Assembling California, Rising from the Plains, In Suspect Terrain, Crossing the Craton


    Geology of Boulder County   by Ray Bridges (activist in Audubon and other groups teaching about nature) with hikes here in Boulder, Colorado


    Roadside guides to Geology by state for western states 

    link  for Colorado

    Oil Company Plans to Make Plastics Waste into Fuel by a Process that give 1 in 4 Persons Cancer

    link  " EPA gave a Chevron refinery approval to make a fuel that could leave people nearby with a 1-in-4 lifetime risk of cancer"  This would occur in a community already poisoned by many other industrial facilities.   "“So-called ‘chemical recycling’ has been touted by companies like Chevron as a way to reduce plastic waste through repurposing it but turning plastic waste into fuel increases greenhouse gas emissions, subsidizes the petrochemical industry, and harms frontline communities located near these facilities.”"

    Utility Found Guilty of Bribing Legislators to Get $ Billions and Stop Renewable Energy


    "a federal jury largely affirmed those allegations, finding Householder and ex-Ohio Republican Party chair Matt Borges guilty of conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise involving bribery and money laundering. The two men face up to 20 years in prison and will be sentenced in the coming months. 

    “Larry Householder illegally sold the statehouse, and thus he ultimately betrayed the great people of Ohio he was elected to serve,” said U.S. Attorney"


    The utility company also bribed the Chair of the Public Utilities Commission.
    The utility gave $60 million in bribes and got  House Bill 6, which gave the utility over $1.7 billion in bailouts for coal power plants. 
    " House Bill 6. It was touted as an effort to improve air quality, but it mostly included bailouts for coal and nuclear power. At the same time, it scaled back energy efficiency measures and added bureaucratic hurdles to prevent the growth of wind power. The bill was eventually signed into law. An independent analysis found that it would cost Ohioans $2 billion in excess utility bills and $7 billion in healthcare costs (due to worsening pollution) over nine years. "