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    Emotional Stories of Whales and Whalesongs Led to Protecting Wildlife

    link  Marchs, boycotts, protests outside embassies, fiction, recordings of whalesongs along with general distrust of lying institutions and politicians during the Vietnam War- all led to the Endangered Species Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Pelley amendment.   Friends and I circulated petitions, oranized writing  letters  to newspapers, printed save the whale t-shirts, read Mind in  the Waters and John Lily's books, Merwin's poems,  bought whale books,  organized groups, got films and speaker about wildlife, hosted Greenpreace talks, etc.....


    Inspiring Woman Who I See Collecting Recyclables on Bike Path

    Inspiring Woman Who I See Collecting Recyclables on Bike Path

    I often see Bonnie, this woman, walking along the bike path with her dog.  She picks up recyclables and dog poop.  I see her out in gales and heavy snowstorms.  She does this in freezing weather and high winds.  She is cheerful, happy, friendly, and busy.  I feel good when I see her, and also a little motivated to do more myself.