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    Covid Virus Cripples Medical Staff and Takes Advantage of Weaker and Lower Income people

     Ed Yong on covid- inequality, bad health, poor access to healthcare, bad  prison system, less jobs all contribute to severity of covid in lower income and people of color people.  


    Health care workers are exhausted and stressed

     Also he tweeted that there is a 12 day lag time in hospitaliztion after testing positive- so the hospitalization rates go up 12 days after  increases in positive tests

    Ed Yong On How America's Inequality Made Us More Vulnerable to COVID-19 | Code Switch | NPR
    Sep 10, 2020

    Jim Morris jimcmorris@gmail.com

    Lacondon Mayan People Live in Harmony with Nature

    link  They ask permission of a tree before cutting it down to make a canoe for a village family.  They use ceremonies.  They find food everywhere in the jungle.  they are generous and share most things. some normal info

    Virus Hunters Search for Future Diseases



    shut down wet markets of wild animals to eat , keep domestic wildlife and humans away from wild animals,  study which viruses can harm humans, protect wildlife habitat,  ....