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    Mask Ratings

    Mask Ratings 

    "The N95 respirator with no valve was the most effective in the studyrs.

    A disposable surgical mask made from a plastic-derived material called polypropylene ( was the next best option, followed by a mask made from two layers of cotton and one layer of synthetic material." 

    How the Pandemic Defeated America

    Ed Yong is a wise person concerning the virus. He wrote the neat book, I Contain Multitudes. He has a new article in the Atlantic. We need fast tests, contact tracing, a good health care system,  and  paid sick leave. Article There is also a Democracy interview Democracy Now.

    Health Insurance Companies Overpay their Executives

    Health insurance company CEOs (united health care, anthem, aetna, humana, Cigna, centene, healthnet)  make out like bandits.- they get paid up to $36 million per year.  They refuse to pay for medical treatments and drugs, lay off workers, cut costs, boost drug price bills,  etc.  Big Pharma CEOs get paid $15 million to $41 million before Covid.  They prevent the import of cheaper drugs from Canada. 


    Electric Utilities Bribe Legislators and Regulators with Dark Money

    Electric Utility Corruption  they are paying $200 million fines for bribery etc. 

    The 8-3-20 NYT editorial, “When Utility Money Talks”, illustrates the corrupt side of electric utilities.

    “citizens are getting a clearer picture of what they are up against. They are not just fighting dirty energy — they are also fighting the dirty money in politics that keeps it alive.”

    " in Illinois, Commonwealth Edison, admitted in federal court to bribing political figures in that state and agreed to pay a $200 million fine”

    “in Ohio “operating a $60 million political slush fund to elect their candidates, with the money coming from one of the state’s largest electricity companies”

    “In New Orleans, the utility Entergy was caught hiring actors to show up at City Hall and pretend to be citizens in favor of a controversial gas-fired power plant; the company was fined $5 million. A big Arizona utility, Arizona Public Service, has become embroiled in repeated political scandals, including pumping millions in dark money into a campaign to stack the state regulatory board with its lackeys.”

    “the big message from all these scandals is that you cannot assume your state government is working in the public interest as it oversees the energy transition.”