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    News — climate change

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    Climate Action

    Both wars and climate catastrophes cause millions of homeless refugees. 
      Fires, floods, heat waves, hurricanes, tornados, sea level rises kill people and destroy homes, farms, and crops.  These are made worse, more intense, and more frequent because oil, gas, coal, electric utility, and fracking companies lie, deny, and delay action to prevent more climate disasters.  These companies bribe congresspersons, regulators, media, and  judges in order to keep their mammoth profits from burning fossil fuels.  We can join groups, protest, divest, and act to break up and prosecute fossil fuel companies and to switch to wind energy, solar energy, improved efficiency, and an electrified  economy.

    link   Don't Look Up and Take Action





    https://greenfaith.org/ religious, multifaith






    for young people:





    for older folks:









    Divest from Banks, Pension Funds, and Institutions Financing Oil, Gas, and Coal

     Divest- move investments, bank accounts, and pension funds away from banks and institutions that finance, invest in, or fund more climate chaos.  Also, sell  shares and bonds of fossil fuel companies.

      investing in climate chaos   23 biggest institutions holding bonds and shares of stocks in investors (banks and financial services companies )  in oil, gas, and coal companies.

    https://www.bankingonclimatechaos.org Banks  Financing Fossil Fuel projects- Raising capital for Oil, Gas, and Coal companies, pipelines and projects by lending money and/or underwriting loans, debt (bonds) equity (stocks),  or by providing insurance.

    Plastics Can't Be Recycled without Causing More Toxic Pollution


    Plastic recycling is greenwashing.  Plastics are part of the oil industry, and oil companies fear decreased demand for oil, so they are building more factories to make more plastic out of oil.