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    Reporter- Great New Autobiography by Seymour Hersh

    Reporter- Great New Autobiography by Seymour Hersh

    Seymour Hersh's book Reporter-  He recommends the reporting on 4 websites: Vice, Buzzfeed, Politico, and Truthout.  He wrote that a reporter needs to read all the pages that he finds.  He also does research on his subjects before contacting them.  He has many insider contacts because he  treats them fairly.  He values the truth more the public relations slant that  governments or institutions may be pushing. He tells  how he got the most threats of lawsuits when he was investigating the corporations like  Gulf and Western. He was given  death threats when he wrote about organized crime.  He protects his sources and the official mission of institutions such as the military, rather than the PR slant that a particular general or president wanted.