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    Jim Morris T-Shirts can print your designs on most any style or color of shirt, hat, hoody, pants, tote-bags, almost anything made of fabric. We do all of our printing (and everything else we do) right here in Boulder, Colorado, USA. We use a variety of screen printing techniques from single color printing, to multicolor spot printing, 4-color process printing and 7-color simulated process printing. (If your budget is a concern, be aware that it costs more to print many colors and process printing costs more yet.) The following designs from our environmental t-shirt line give examples of what is required for various artwork (they appear in order of increasing cost).

    One Color: Multi-color Spot:
    4-color Process: 7-color Simulated Process:

    To Get a Quote (what we need to know):


    Option 1: You can just tell us what you want and we'll do the shopping. Option 2: If you'd like to browse, we source most of our apparel from www.AlphaBroder.com, www.AmericanApparel.net and www.RoyalApparel.net . You can shop for your garments on these sites, but don't be scared of the listed retail prices – the wholesale prices we get are much less. Of course, if the retail price of one garment is less than a competing garment, the wholesale price will be less as well. If you can't find what you want, don't fret – we have many other sources than these. We can (and prefer to) source organic, USA made, and/or free trade apparel. These options are more expensive as a rule, but we think its worth it. (Organic, USA made and fair trade are available at the links above.) 

    If your budget is limited, you may want to consider that natural (un-dyed) and white shirts are usually less expensive than colored. Regarding printing costs, dark colored shirts like black or chocolate often cost more to print on.


    We need to know how many garments you would like to print and in what sizes. Cost per printed article goes down substantially with increasing quantities, especially with multicolor and process printing. Also, 2XL, 3XL, etc. shirts cost more.

    Minimum Quantity is 24 shirts for spot printing and 72 shirts for process printing. (We'll print less if you insist, but the cost per shirt will be somewhat exorbitant. For small quantity runs, a direct-to-garment printing company is probably a better option.)


    We need to see your artwork before we can finalize a quote. Send us your highest resolution files. It is helpful to have color layered files if your art is computer generated. We can accept most file formats. 

    If you have just a concept for a design, we have an in-house artist who can make it a reality. He can also add text to artwork, modify colors, sharpen lines, and many other things. Let us know what you desire and we'll get right on it.

    Our Artwork Preferences:

    * Resolution: 300 dpi, at a print size at least 1/2 the size to be printed on garments.
    * File types: .psd, .ai, .pdf.
    * Please include Windows fonts.
    * Vector graphics are preferred. If you use vector graphics please include outlines.
    * Please choose Pantone color numbers for spot printing.
    * Place different colors on separate layers, if you are using a format that supports layers.
    Please follow as many of these guidelines as you can, but especially the 300 dpi, at a print size at least 1/2 the size to be printed on garments.


    Orders can usually be filled within 2 weeks or less, but as certain seasons are busier than others and some garments take longer than others to acquire, be sure to ask us our current time line or let us know what your deadline is.

    Contact Us:

    We can work with you by phone and or by e-mail. Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions. Please call us at:

    (303) 444-6430 (local)

    1-800-788-5411 (toll free)

    or send an e-mail to AndyF@JimMorris.com 

    We offer very competitive prices, provide great customer service and produce the highest quality prints.

    If you have a competitor's quote, send it to us and we'll do our best to beat their price.