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    News — birds

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    People Help Baby Swallow

    A baby barn swallow fell out of the nest onto the below bike path.  First someone put stones and branches around it so it would not be run over.  Then others moved it off the bike path and  into the safety of the grasses.  Advice   It had feathers and could move its wings.  I think it was just stunned by falling out of the nest.  It was very neat the way its wings folded and moved.  There was another swallow nearby just learning to flutter its wings and start flying.

    Great Songbird Film – “The Messenger”

    Amazing slow motion video  of the movements of the wings and tail and body of songbirds.  Then a chain of stories about threats of songbirds: cutting down the forests  for timber, oil & gas drilling pads and pipelines; persistent neonicotinoid pesticides ; domestic cats attacking birds; windows;  lights in skyscraper windows; and trapping for eating.  It focuses on people studying and defending songbirds. Here are some actions to take.

    Posted on January 6, 2016



    Wildlife is abundant on the Boulder creeks. The barn swallows returned to their nests under the bridge. A muskrat was popping up every 12 feet or so. A friend saw a wood duck on Boulder Creek last week. A few weeks ago, I saw a northern flicker chopping out scraps of wood, enlarging a hole. today I saw flicker head occupying the hole. There were 8 mallard ducklings spurting around on the pond a few days ago. Yesterday there were 17 cedar waxwings along Boulder Creek. One great blue heron spiraled down from 130 feet above, plunging towards the other. The great blue herons have their crest and chest feathers showing prominently. Avocets and killdeer are feeding in the ponds.