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    News — war

    Police Get Turned into Soldiers- on Fresh Air

    article  Radley Balko wrote the book "Rise Of The Warrior Cop: The Militarization Of America's Police Forces." Surplus military equipment dumped onto  police depts., DHS anti-terrorism grants to buy more military hardware, no knock raids with SWAT teams used to serve drug warrants, the need for training,  illegal tear gas and  flashbang grenades  against nonviolent civilians, the warrior mindset of conquering force, drones, helicopters, .50 caliber machine guns, civil forfeiture of private property going into the police departments,.... 

    Solutions: have fewer traffic stops of black and brown people, have less predatory cities that fund themselves by fines and penalties on poor people, have fewer armed police, have the police be required to live in the neighborhoods where they police and to have the racial mix of those communities,  have unarmed  mediators  and traffic cops used for many situations, forget about the the "broken window" emphasis on statistics and harassing the poor; provide jobs, scholarships, mortgages,  and loans for people of color and low income people. 

    CIA Mass Deceptions to Led to War versus Serbia in 1999 Plus other Lies That Led to War

    Faking the Reasons for War.  This article claims that in order to expand NATO, the CIA, Albright, Holbrooke, and Clinton created a civil war in the former Yugoslavia.  This article alleges atrocities by the US.   The US allies from Kosovo  restaged battles so instead of it looking like the Serbs had killed  Kosovians in battle, it looked like they had been massacred while prisoners. The US bombed Serbia. The US then put criminals into power-heroin dealers and murderers who harvested organs from Serbian prisoners. 

    While China and Russian are worse in their atrocities, it seems like the US is pretty bad  and needs to reform.  There are other examples from history:  Cheney, Bush, Rice,  and Powell and an ex-Lockheed Martin executive/lobbyist lying about WMDs in order to start the Iraq war in order to stop the competition of Iraq supplying oil and trading in non-dollar funds; the sanctions against Iran and Venezuela, also to control oil; and   the selling of crack cocaine into inner city black neighborhoods to generate money to fight the communists in Nicaragua. These all are   also done to stop the expansion of communism.  But sometimes it seems that it is provide an excuse for gaining power and money  via war profiteering, election campaigns against the "evil ""foreigner", It seems that  this has been done many times before.  Sometimes Britain and the US went   to war to stop an independence/nationalist movement  that wants to control its own resources ( oil in Iran in 1956). The British  used the slave trade to grab people  from Africa, ship them to the Caribbean, turn them into slaves to  grow sugar, make rum and take the sugar to New England and the sugar and rum back to England. They also waged war against the Chinese to force the Chinese to allow the British to bring in opium and establish widespread opium addiction in China, so that  Britain would have income to be used to buy tea from China.  The British banned India from making cloth or selling salt.  King Leopold of Belgium invaded the Congo, enslaved the people to build railroads,  and to gather ivory and gold.  He used to keep the wives and children of his slaves as hostages. The Congo is kept as a weakened country by neighboring countries and others that want to pay cheaper prices for gold, coltan, and other minerals.   The US and individuals organized bribes, invasions, massacres, and payoffs to dominate the banana industry in Honduras, Columbia,  Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.   Bolivia  just had a coup that ousted President Morales, when he wanted higher price for lithium and more value-added processing jobs.  Several coups have been attempted against Venezuelan leaders, probably in order to control its gigantic resources of oil.   Sometimes  a developing country needs funds and technical expertise to build large projects such as dams, roads, railroads, mines, oil refineries, etc.  But sometimes outside countries  and banks bribe the local government officials in order to sell off assets like ports, land, mines, or to sign contracts that  pay gigantic fees and interest payments that balloon later on on subsequent politicians "down the road".  The large banks do this often.