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    News — bats

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    Houston Woman and Volunteers Rescue 1500 Bats from Freezing

      Mary Warwick, Head of Houston Humane Society's Wildlife Center, and volunteers, gathered, heated up, and fed bats suffering from hypothermia during freezing temperatures.  They had fallen from under the bridge.  These free tail bats eat tons of mosquitos. 




    Bats Are Great!

    Great Bat Article- http://www.reporterherald.com/lifestyles/recreation/ci_31402623/benefits-bats-stretch-from-bugs-tequila-cashews . Bats pollinate 500 plant species, including avocado, agave, coconut, papaya, guava, mango, and banana. They spread seeds for almonds, cashews and mangoes. They eat lots of insects, protecting crops including coffee, beans, rice walnuts, cotton, and strawberries. The article mentions that some bats migrate and some hibernate. I enjoy watching bats swoop over me eating insects while I hike along Boulder Creek of come down one of the foothills in the twilight.