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    News — student debt cancel

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    Student Debt

    I thought that colleges spent gargantuan  amounts of money on administrators , football and  basketball, instead of on students and professors.  Here they mention that colleges kept raising their tuition because they could get away with it.  

    NPR Fresh Air

    How College Broke The American Dream

    How College Broke The American Dream
    Journalist Will Bunch says instead of opening the door to a better life, college leaves many students deep in debt and unable to find well-paying jobs. His new book is After the Ivory Tower Falls.

    Podcast critic Nick Quah reviews two podcasts about counterculture, Mother Country Radicals and I Was Never There.

    Cancel Student Debt- Successes Thru Organizing!

    Latino USA reporter explains how bogus fake colleges impoverish students and their families.  She shows how students organized to get some of the debt cancelled.  This is an ongoing story.   

    The Growing Call to Abolish Student Debt

    By JULIA ROCHA JUL 22, 2022

    latino usa on NPR PRX