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    Divest from Banks, Pension Funds, and Institutions Financing Oil, Gas, and Coal

     Divest- move investments, bank accounts, and pension funds away from banks and institutions that finance, invest in, or fund more climate chaos.  Also, sell  shares and bonds of fossil fuel companies.

      investing in climate chaos   23 biggest institutions holding bonds and shares of stocks in investors (banks and financial services companies )  in oil, gas, and coal companies.

    https://www.bankingonclimatechaos.org Banks  Financing Fossil Fuel projects- Raising capital for Oil, Gas, and Coal companies, pipelines and projects by lending money and/or underwriting loans, debt (bonds) equity (stocks),  or by providing insurance.

    Mega-Forest Fires Show Dangers of Climate Change

    The air was full of smoke from forest fires here in Boulder and across the west. This summer there were 4 fires over 100,000 acres at once in the US: the Ranch Fire (over 600 square miles in N. CA), the Carr Fire in N. CA, the South Sugarloaf Fire in N. NV, and the Spring Creek Fire in S. CO. Also, there were over 500 fires in British Columbia. Sweden had forest fires above the Arctic Circle. 90 people died in forest fires during an extreme heat wave in Greece. California state agencies said that maximum daily temperatures could rise by 8.8 degrees by 2100, and 2/3 of beaches in CA would be lost to sea level rise by 2100. And Trump is trying to relax Obama's Clean Power Plan, which limits the greenhouse gases from coal power plants. Trump's plan would let states set theirweak limits, so it would increase the emissions of greenhouse gases. Also, there would be 1400 more deaths per year from pollution from power plants. from "Fire Alarm", by Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, Sept 10,2018

    Support Municipalization of Boulder's Electric Utility

    Boulder City Council in having a public hearing on April 17 at 6 pm. Please come to support municipalizing. You can speak. You can email council at" council@bouldercolorado.gov". Xcel initially, strongly, and repeatedly resists Boulder's attempts to move to renewable, sustainable energy. Then at the last minute, they make a bunch of vague promises and threats and then ask us to trust them. Now just weeks before the hearing at the PUC, they want Boulder city council to quit our path of becoming independent.

    If Xcel (70% fosssil fuel driven...) has their say,

    Boulder's municipalization efforts

    will be killed in the next 2 weeks...

    You can help!!

    1) Attend: Monday, April 17, 2017:

    Rally 5pm: Public Hearing 6 pm

    City of Boulder Council Chambers,

    1777 Broadway, Boulder (Corner of Canyon and Broadway)

    Please come. Speak if you possibly can, but just being there will be a big help! (The memo describing Xcel's empty and unenforceable proposals is too big to send, but you can find it here. More information on the City of Boulder's Energy Future webpage. For the IPG position statement see here) Some talking points to get you started:

    The climate crisis is real and extremely serious. The future calls on us to be courageous

    Xcel is still over 70% fossil fuel driven

    Xcel's "partnership" proposal has no substance and is not enforceable

    Boulder has come this far. Please finish the PUC process so we know whether there is a Constitutional right to municipalize or not.

    We need alternatives other than a profit-driven, highly fossil fuel dependent Investor Owned Utility to move Colorado forward

    Boulder was swayed earlier by Xcel's promises of delivering "Smart Grid City." That was a fiasco that has come to nothing.

    Please don't be fooled again by Xcel's flattery and grandiose promises of a "partnership" that are currently nothing more than empty words and are not enforceable.

    ​2) Write: Short Notes ​to the Colorado PUC (Mention Docket 15A-0589E. Xcel's Motions to Dismiss Boulder's case will be decided in the next 2 weeks or less by the PUC. Please don't delay in writing a short note to the PUC. Let me know if you want to see the legal motions Xcel has filed. There are several and they are big and dense--which of course is all part of Xcel's strategy....)

    In your (short and very short are fine!!) notes to the PUC, please:

    Thank them for their work,

    Let them know you support Boulder's Constitutional Right to municipalize

    Let them know you want more options than just an Investor Owned/For Profit monopoly that is still heavily (70+%) fossil fuel dependent

    Thank them for making it possible for communities to choose their own future.

    Emails can go to dora_PUC_complaints@state.co.us

    The on-line comment form is here http://www.dora.state.co.us/pls/real/CCTS_oWEB.comment_form

    You can either do an e-mail or use the on-line comment form.

    Use whichever you prefer.

    At the very least, please write the PUC now.

    Talking points and e-mail address above.

    Short notes are fine.

    Please come if you possibly can on

    Monday April 17, 2017 to Boulder.

    Come late if you need to.

    If you can't attend on Monday April 17, 2017, short notes to Boulder City Council would be a big help.

    Talking points above.



    Mountain top Removal Coal Mining Pollutes

    mountaintop-removal-coal-mining Mountaintop removal poisons the people, air, land, and streams. And it destroys the forest ecosystems, leaving toxic piles and ponds of waste. There is some good news in that " former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship is serving a prison sentence for conspiring to violate mine safety measures." ". “It is done with purpose knowing that water, air, and soil are all being poisoned and knowing that elevated rates of cancer, heart and lung disease, and birth defects in surrounding communities are directly attributed to this specific form of coal mining. It is time for President Obama to speak to the heartache of living near mountaintop removal. It is also time for the Sierra Club and other large organizations to fully support the ACHE Act and end mountaintop removal.” Mountaintop Removal Never Ended:Coal River Mountaineers Fight On