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    News — health care

    Stop the Virus-Emphasize Prevention, Leadership

    Here is comprehensive Ed Yong article on the Corona virus.  He says that we need to emphasize  disease prevention and science; to have leadership from the top on wearing masks, testing, gloves, aprons, contact tracing, quarantining- not self-centered blaming, distraction , and inaction.  Now there are some virus  cases where the patients suffer long lasting waves of severe symptoms without ever being sick enough to go to the hospital. I Contain Multitudes is his amazing book on how microbes such as bacteria and fungi combine to make our immune system and digestive systems work.  More articles by Ed Yong.

    Greedy Profiteers Lie to Stop Medicare for All

    Greedy Profiteers Lie to Stop Medicare for All

    A coalition of insurance companies, doctors' and hospitals' industry groups, and pharmaceutical giants are lying and putting out lots of fake "facts"  ads, and pr to stop the growing clamor for Medicare for All.

    "This is the front group for the insurance and drug industries. They are desperate to protect their profits, so they are going to lie to Americans. This is what we're up against. Here’s the truth: Medicare for All would save Americans money."