We've Donated Over $180,000 To Environmental and Wildlife Groups
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    Biden Protects Old Growth Forests!

    link  Biden and the USFS protect the immense 16 million Alaska forest

    "one of the world's largest intact temperate forests, the Tongass National Forest stores more than 1.5 billion metric tons of carbon and sequesters an additional 10 million metric tons annually, according to the Alaska Wilderness League.

    The carbon held by the Tongass amounts to about 8% of all carbon stored in trees in the United States, says Defenders of Wildlife" 

    Good News July 2021

    Summer is here!  Here are some great links & information about what is going on in the world of environmental activism :  Good News!

    The first wolf pack in 80 years – 6 wolf pups are now living in CO with their parents. Colorado voters approved a ballot in 2020 to reintroduce Wolves to CO.

    Celebrate the cancellation of the Byhalia Connection pipeline, which would have carried crude oil over an aquifer that provides drinking water to 1 million people. Intense community opposition stopped it.  Democracy Now Article 

    Biden saves the Alaska's Tongass Forest . He will stop Trump's selling off the forest. This red and yellow cedar, Western hemlock, and Sitka spruce forest is over 800 years old. It provides homes for bears, eagles, and fish. And it is one of the world's biggest storehouses of carbon, reducing climate change.
    Also, the Tongass Coalition has asked Biden to protect all large trees and mature forests on federal lands.  NYT Article by Coral Davenport on 6-11-21

    Trees cool the Earth by providing shade, lowering air temperature by 10 degrees, bringing up water thru evaporation, storing water, preventing flooding by absorbing floodwater, storing carbon, reducing climate change, reducing the electricity demand, blocking wind, providing food for wildlife, and filtering and cleaning the air.  NYT Article  “Trees Save Lives”

    Wind, Solar, and Battery Storage are cheaper and healthier than oil, coal, and gas.  Electric cars are fun and save a lot of money.  Electricity costs about 1/3 of what gas costs per mile.  So you save about $1000 per year on gas for 15,000 miles per year, plus you save $4600 on maintenance over the life of the car, say $500 per year over 10 years. So you save about $1000 + $500 =$1500 per year- AND you have cleaner air and water and better health as long as we shut down oil, natural gas , and coal and switch to wind, solar , and battery storage.
    Also, you save $2.7 trillion and get 2 million jobs by building more wind, solar, and battery storage. This information is from a Ken Regelson talk on 4-28-21.

    Tony Seba shows that rooftop solar and battery is going to cost less than transmission of electricity from a power plant!  So every house and business will save money by installing rooftop solar and batteries.  Youtube - “Batteries and Solar Win”
    He also shows how electric cars and trucks last 5 times longer and have 1/10th to 1/100th of the maintenance costs and cost 1/10th to operate. So soon electric cars will cost $12,500 and go 200 miles.
    The only barrier is regulatory, which matches with Greenpeace's interview with EXXON's lobbyists, who say EXXON will stop the green infrastructure bills and stop the taxes that would pay for the infrastructure bill.  The EXXON lobbyist talks every week with Joe Manchin's staff and is lobbying with other senators susceptible to pressure which include Senators Manchin, Sinemas, Testers, and Coons.  The EXXON CEO is talking to Coons, a friend of Biden. Later they talk to those up for reelection:  Hassan, Kelly, Rubio, Kennedy, Daines.  Exxon got such large tax cuts under Trump, along with permits to drill all over, and relaxed regulations, etc., that it can spend billions to bribe congress to stop the Green New Deal, green infrastructure, rooftop solar, and battery storage. 
    Democracy Now - Exxon Blocks Climate Action
    Rolling Stone - Exxon Lobbyist Anti Climate Actions

    Rooftop Solar is more resilient and better than more transmission lines controlled by greedy utility companies.   Utility companies want to build transmission lines and get 10.5% profit.  Environmental groups want rooftop solar and battery storage- cheaper, more resilient; not subject to fires,  price manipulation, and monopoly control; smaller, more local.  7-11-21 NYT  "More Power Lines or Rooftop Solar Panels: The Fight Over Energy’s Future"



    Voting Rights-For the People Act, HR 1, passed the House, but is stuck in the Senate, It protects the right to vote and ends gerrymandering.  Ask your senators to support it.  Also, end the filibuster and support DC statehood.  Please ask them to support the Green New Deal and the Civilian Climate Corps.  Go to Join Democracy Movement  and click on your state and to find out groups working to protect the Vote, such as the league of Women Voters and CommonCause.

    Fight Climate Change by Joining an activist group- find meaning, power, and connection by protesting and acting.
    Take action today by supporting or joining one of these groups: Extinction Rebellion; Fridays for Future USA; Sunrise Movement, and 350.org

    Sanders wants to pass major budget reconciliation bill to help our country.  We need to fix the child care system, pre-K, college debt, physical infrastructure, climate change, the health care crisis, the USA's highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, housing crisis, half the people living paycheck to paycheck, do something to help the working class.
    NY Times - The Ascension of Bernie Sanders

    “Tax the Rich! Also the Very Affluent! But mainly the Rich!” -- Raise money for retrofitting buildings to make them energy efficient, to replace lead pipes, and build new infrastructure. This would only charge more taxes if someone makes more than $400,000 per year and more estate tax only if their estate is more than $11 million - Rolling Stone July 2021



    Climate Change Panels on Air, Water, Fire, and Farming

    Join us as we take a big-picture view of how humans, largely by burning fossil fuels, have drastically altered the global climate system and living conditions on Earth. We will also explore how humans, from grassroots activists to national and global leaders, are seeking solutions. “  Water   Air   Fire    Earth

    Great 11 minute film of Mark Dubois, founder of International River network

    11 minute film interview.“Mark, first I think it’s important that one fall in love.”  "About this moment, Mark said, “As soon as he said that I realized- ah ha! I had fallen in love! I had no choice after that.”
         It led to the understanding that we can’t make a difference simply from our intellects. As Mark put it, “Once our heart is open, then the other attributes of conscious activism come into play. But the first step is falling in love. The rest flows from there.”
    We all get gifted the life we have, and coming to the river just opened my doors of perception. It opened up worlds, realms, took me a long while to really see because my education didn’t have language for the miracle I got to be exposed to. So the river very, very slowly just kept drawing me in deeper and deeper. And I just watched the smiles; everyone smiles, and we see everyone smiling - on the river I watched people smiling more profoundly, deeply.
         There was something about being in the magic of the river and the grandeur of these limestone cliffs in the Sierra Nevadas, and the beauty of wildflowers here and there. It was a miracle everyone time we turned around. Even if it took me fifty times going down the river before I started to see it, because I was trained not to see this way. So I amputated my seeing unconsciously, and the river just slowly woke me up to slowly remember to see the miracle that is everywhere.