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    Private Equity Hedge Funds Bankrupt Companies

    Mother Jones article  They take over  a company using the company's assets to have the company sign up to owe large debt, then they collect high fees, avoid paying taxes, lay off employees,  sell off the assets either for high profits or a at low price to their themselves and their friends, cut back on pensions, declare bankruptcy, close the company, convert the land to development,.....

    New Naturalist Book about Wealth of Wildlife in the Nebraska Sandhills

     Stevphen R. Jones has a new book, Nourishing Waters Comforting Sky :Thirty Five Years at a Sandhill Oasis, out about the ecosystems of the sandhills of western Nebraska.  He is a local naturalist who wrote the field guide to the North American prairies. He mentions the Native American connections to the land and the richness of wildlife in the sandhills.  I am reading it now- a  mix of Native American stories and personal encounters with animals, storms, rare plants,....

    more books by Stephen