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    See the Wind and Shadows

    The cottonwood seeds blow like snowflakes and leaves, dancing in the wind, showing the curves and eddies.   Also, when near a lake or flat area of a river, I can see the tracks the wind makes on the water.  "Cats paws"  they are called. You can see the lower parts of gusts laying tracks on the water.  When messing about in small boats  (sailboats, canoes, rowboats, windsurfers, paddleboards, rafts,...), your can seen the wind coming to you. 

    In the winter under a streetlight, you can see the shadow of the each snowflake rushing to join the snowflake as it hits the ground.  In the summer, you can see your bicycling shadow cast onto the 3-d background of the bushes, grasses, and trees.  When I hike near sunset, I see my shadow cast from me on down the mountainside ridge down onto trees on the slopes below.  Because the sun is a large sphere, not a single point source, when you look at shadow of branches onto the ground or snow, the shadow has sharp edges when the branch casting the shadow is near to the grouond.  But when it is highe , the edges of the shadow are blurrier, as different parts of the sun are casting different parts of the shadow edge.  It is similar when you look at an solar eclipse shadow- the shadow cast by small holes like a from a colander  are sharp when you hold the colander near a piece of paper and blurry when you hold the paper away from the colander.  

    Tobacco Destroys Forests and Pollutes

    link    Per Year: 8 million people killed,    600 million trees cut down  (200,000 hectares of land clearcut), 20 milloion tons of water used to grow tobacco,4.5 trillion filters littered, 6 trillion cigarettes,  lots of batteries and cartridges for e-cigarettes. toxic pesticides and fertilizers used to grow tobacco, 7000 toxic chemicals released .

    Nader's Raider Started

    Obiturary  He  "promoted social change through legislation, legal action and political pressure."  He challenged corporate polluters and public utilities on behalf of citizens.

     He organized  against nuclear power,  organized 50 student groups (PIRGS)  with over 350,000 students  at major universities,  was the head of Greenpeace, started an public interest law firm, was in the Peace Corps, and worked on political campaigns.