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    If you are not satisfied, please return your garment for a replacement. If the item is unsatisfactory, we will refund your cost of shipping it back to us. If you want to return to exchange for a different size, color, design, or garment because you changed your mind, we may not refund your cost of shipping it back to us.
    It speeds things up if you include the buyer's name, packing list, address, email, phone, and order #.

    Include detailed instructions regarding the reason for your return and what product(s) you would like us to send as a replacement.  The back side of your purchase receipt provides a convenient form for doing this, but it is not necessary.  If you want to exchange the product for a more expensive one, please include a check or credit card number for the difference.  If you want to exchange for a less expensive one, we will refund the difference to your credit card or paypal, etc. that you used to make the purchase.  If the item was a gift we will issue a house credit for the difference.

    Send your return to: 
    Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Company
    5660 Valmont Rd
    Boulder, CO 80301

    If you have any concerns, please contact us at info@jimmorris.com or 800-788-5411.