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    We collect information from you in order to process orders, verify your credit card information and validity, receive payment, ship shirts to you, and contact you about your order.

    We use other people and businesses plus our own staff to perform functions for us. Examples include addressing mail and packages, delivering shipments, running our website, deleting duplicate names from mailing lists, giving advice, communicating via mail, phone, email, fax, processing credit card payments, providing customer service, and order entry.

    We make efforts to protect the security of your information: such as, but not limited to, using firewalls, antivirus programs, and https.

    Information that we get from you includes things such as the following: name, billing address, shipping address, credit card number, expiration date, security code, phone #, and email address. We get these from your order, phone call, mailed-in or faxed-in order form, web order, sign-ups for newsletter, sign-ups at our shop, companies with lists of catalog and web buyers, customer modeling companies, and other companies ( such as web or catalog companies).

    We use a cookie so that if you move from one part of the web site to another, the chosen items will still be in your cart when you come back to it. We might use cookies to find out the # of visitors and frequency of visitors to the website.

    Advertisers may use cookies to see which ads visitors look at and whether they click on them.

    We may combine your information with other data such as demographics to do such things such as to update your address. We may combine your information to find similar customers from a list company or a modeling company.

    We may share information if required by law or to protect customers, staff, our Agreement, or ourselves from fraud, harm, or illegal use.

    We may send your name and address to a marketing company for them to model what our customers are like in order to rent the names of similar people, or model which parts of our list we should mail to and how frequently.

    If you have signed up for emails or if you have given us your email address, we may email you environmental alerts, info about sales, or info about new products. If you do not want to receive such emails, tell us so.

    We mail catalogs, sale flyers, and environmental alerts to customers and those that have signed up for them or requested them. If you do not want these, please tell us.

    We may trade or share your name and address with a company that may send you a catalog of items that you might like. If you want us not to do this, please contact us and tell us that you want your name removed from any sharing of your name.

    You can remove your name from the list we use to send emails about sales, new products, and environmental issues.

    You can remove your name from the list we use to send out new catalogs.

    Tell us what you want to be removed from:

    -Mailing of catalogs and or sale flyers.

    -Emails about new products, sales, and environmental issues.

    -Trading, sharing, or renting your name with other catalog, web, list, or list modeling companies.

    Ways to contact us to have your name removed from a list:

    -Email us at info@jimmorris.com

    -Mail us at Jim Morris Environmental T-shirt Co. PO Box 18270, Boulder, CO 80308.

    -Call us at 800-788-5411 or 303-444-6430 Monday-Friday 10- 5 MST

    -Fax us at 303-786-9095

    -In the new design, sales, or environmental emails that we send, you can click on an opt-out link at the bottom of the page.

    You can contact us via the same ways if you want to change your information.

    When you go to www.jimmorris.com we may collect information about your browser, your IP address, and your referring address.

    We may collect your search terms, the pages you visit, the website that you came from, and the duration of your visit. We may collect information on the numbers of and on the frequencies of visits to the website.

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    Only adults should order on our web site with credit cards. Youth under 18 should only order with the guidance of a parent or teacher.

    We have links to other websites and they have their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for their security and privacy policies.

    We might change this policy, and if we do, we will place the updated version on our website.

    EFFECTIVE DATE: November 15, 2013

    Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement

    Welcome to www.jimmorris.com (collectively, “Jim Morris Environmental T-shirt Co.,” “we,” or “us”).

    We may change this Agreement, and if we do, we will place the updated version on our website. We will post the date of the revision there also.

    Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Co (we) can refuse to do business with a user of the website, cancel orders, at its own discretion for any reason. Possible reasons could include fraud, breaking laws, or any harm to the business.

    The artwork, text messages, names, logos, photos, company names, trade dress, and images belong to Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Co. , the artists, or their respective owners, and are protected by copyright and trademark laws. Their use or misuse is not allowed, except as allowed in this document. Do not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, or display such things except if it is for personal non-commercial use. Any other use needs express written permission,

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    We make no claim or warranty as to the site being error -free, always free of viruses, or always working properly. We will do our best to keep the site in good, safe working order, but we cannot guarantee its perfection and are not responsible or liable for any faults in it, in the various financial processing companies, or in the encrypted transmissions.

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    Sometimes a supplier may discontinue or be out of a product, color, or size. We will make the best attempt to find a similar product, such as color or brand. We may substitute such.

    Colors may not match exactly. We will attempt to have the displayed colors match the product, but sometimes monitors or products may vary.

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    We can discontinue your use of the site at any time. We can discontinue the site at any time.

    No partnership, agency, joint venture, or employment relationship exists between you and Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Co. as a result of this agreement. A printed or electronic version of this shall be admissible in court.

    Use of the site signifies agreement to the Privacy Policy and to the Terms and Agreement.

    If a part of this Agreement or Policy is struck down, the remaining parts are still in force. If part of this is not enforced, Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirts Co. still has rights to enforce later and on other parts of the Agreement.

    Effective date 11-15-13