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    News — monopolies

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    Pay Day Lenders Get Go Ahead to Drive People into Poverty

    article  We need limits on the interest rates for loans.  States used to have such rules banning interest rates above some low percentage such as 20%. the deregulation  of banking and the take-over of local state regulations allowed Big Banks to come in and take over the local banks and to remove state regs.

    Greedy Profiteers Lie to Stop Medicare for All

    Greedy Profiteers Lie to Stop Medicare for All

    A coalition of insurance companies, doctors' and hospitals' industry groups, and pharmaceutical giants are lying and putting out lots of fake "facts"  ads, and pr to stop the growing clamor for Medicare for All.

    "This is the front group for the insurance and drug industries. They are desperate to protect their profits, so they are going to lie to Americans. This is what we're up against. Here’s the truth: Medicare for All would save Americans money."