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    Stop Big Oil, Big Bank, and Hedge Fund Lawsuits under Secret Trade Deals

    article  These secret pro-corporate judges rule in favor of bogus claims filed by polluting oil, pipeline, mining, toxic chemical,  waste dump,  and such companies.  It was inserted into trade deals (NAFTA, TPP,...)to overrule national laws in favor of large pollution causing corporations. ow they also want to give high prces to drug companies.

    Matt Taibbi Says Black Jobs, Black Housing, Black Loans are Needed

    He wrote the book about Eric Garner.  In the Current Rolling Stone, he says that prosecutors and District Attorneys intentionally delay the cases against police misconduct until the public fervor has moved on. They do this  by assemblying lots of extra evidence and testimony.  Also he says the powerful police unions give lots of money and support to politicians, who then delay and weaken the cases.  Then the DAs and prosecutors use police support to run for higher office, such as Congress and governor.  He mentions that police abuse records are kept secret.  He also writes on substack and podcasts.