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    News — water

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    Beavers are great- new software to find and help beavers.

    Beavers help prevent floods and fires.  They create habitat for other creatures and plants.  They absorb and store water and recharge the water table.  California is starting to protect beavers.

    Beaver artificial   intelligence software helps identify where beavers live.

    Climate Change Panels on Air, Water, Fire, and Farming

    Join us as we take a big-picture view of how humans, largely by burning fossil fuels, have drastically altered the global climate system and living conditions on Earth. We will also explore how humans, from grassroots activists to national and global leaders, are seeking solutions. “  Water   Air   Fire    Earth

    Bacigalupi Thrillers about Drought, Rising Seas, & Loss of Biodiversity

    Here is one interview.

    The Water Knife is a detective thriller set amidst drought refugees and physical battles between cities over water.  It has romance, murder, gangs, chases, and journalists.

    The Windup Girl is about a future of GMOs, rising sea levels, hunger, loss of species of food crops,  racial blaming, and hunger after terminator genes wipe out many food varieties.  Oil is gone.  It is a very violent.

    Another interview.

    Drowned Cities and Ship Breaker are about societies where the oil based energy system is gone, and people struggle in gangs over the spoils or else move on to wind-powered ships.

    Zombie Baseball Beatdown is about middle schoolers battling GMO mad cows from a slaughter house.  It also touches on bullying, discrimination against  immigrants, corporate power over local government, and friendship.  

    The Doubt Factory  is about radicals protesting against toxic products .  It focuses on a high school girl’s relationship to her father, who is doing the fake pr for tobacco, pesticide, drug,  and  oil companies.  She is attracted to rebellious radicals who want to expose the corporate PR.

    Posted on September 22, 2015

    The Green Amendment- the Right to Pure Water, Clean Air, and a Healthy Environment

    Maya K. Van Rossum, the author of the The Green Amendment. spoke about her book at the Boulder Bookstore. She wants people to talk about and pass this in states, to make well known. She wants to get it made into an amendment to the US constitution.

    "forthegenerations.or​g​" is their website, They have videos up on their website. It is a project of the Delaware Riverkeepers Alliance. The environment has standing and rights, and we have rights to clean water, clean air, and a healthy ​environment.​ You can also find them on FB under "for the generations".