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    News — rivers


    Save the Colorado River by Claiming It Has Rights

    KGNU radio interviewed Will Falk, who has sued on behalf of the Colorado River in order to protect it from pollution, and diversion for oil and gas fracking and industrial agriculture. The Colorado River is suing the state of Colorado in Federal court this month in Denver. This the KGNU interview with Will Falk that aired on 11-7-17 https://www.kgnu.org/apublicaffair/11/8/2017 . You need to skip to 25 minutes into the interview, as the first half hour is about something else. It's a whole hour, starting at 8:35, but the interview with Falk starts around 9:00. Here are 3 articles by Will Falk about the Colorado River and the rights of nature. https://catalystmagazine.net/rights-nature-movement https://sandiegofreepress.org/2017/09/why-does-the-colorado-river-need-to-sue-for-rights https://sandiegofreepress.org/2017/10/the-rights-of-nature-and-the-power-of-law Here is a link to the Boulder Rights of Nature group: http://boulderrightsofnature.org/resources/action-alerts