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    How the Pandemic Defeated America

    Ed Yong is a wise person concerning the virus. He wrote the neat book, I Contain Multitudes. He has a new article in the Atlantic. We need fast tests, contact tracing, a good health care system,  and  paid sick leave. Article There is also a Democracy interview Democracy Now.

    Being Out in Nature Makes Us Healthy

    Trees give off anti-microbial compounds. People exercise and socialize out in wild places. "It reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, and preterm birth, and increases sleep duration."


    Being in Wild Places Reduces Stress

    George Wuerthner sent out this

    Abstract: A growing number of studies have shown that visiting green spaces and being exposed to natural environments can reduce psychological stress. A number of questions concerning the effects of natural environments on levels of stress remain including, “Are activities engaged in natural environments more or less beneficial at reducing stress when compared to those done in more urban settings?” This study examined this question from the perspective of “levels of nature”. That is, data on levels of stress were collected from three sites, one site having wilderness-like characteristics, a second site representing a municipal-type park, and a third site representing a built environment (indoor exercise facility) within a city. Data were generated using biophysical markers (cortisol and amylase) and a psychological measure within a pre- and post-visit format. Findings suggest that visiting natural environments can be beneficial in reducing both physical and psychological stress levels, with visitors to a natural environment reporting significantly lower levels of stress than their counterparts visiting a more urbanized outdoor setting or indoor exercise facility. Keywords: biomarkers; human health; natural environments; psychological stress.
    Levels of Nature and Stress Response Alan Ewert 1,* ID and Yun Chang 2 ID 1 School of Public Health, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA 2 School of Kinesiology and Recreation, Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790, USA; ychan12@ilstu.edu * Correspondence: aewert@indiana.edu; Tel.: +1-812-855-8116 Received: 2 May 2018; Accepted: 14 May 2018; Published: 17 May 2018

    rally to ban fracking

    Help stop a secret deal to overturn Colorado fracking bans

    Breaking update: Governor Hickenlooper cut a secret deal with the oil and gas industry to take away your right to protect your family and future from fracking. After months of closed door negotiations, Governor Hickenlooper, Congressman Polis and the oil and gas industry announced last Friday that they had made a deal to address fracking. But one key piece of the legislation would take away the ability for a Colorado community to ban or place a moratorium on fracking. They want to pass this measure in a special session of the Colorado Legislature in the next few days. Tell your legislators to oppose this backroom deal! Find the names and contact info of your state senator and state representative here. Please tell them that you do not want this "backroom deal", where Gov. Fracken blooper and the oil and gas companies are trying to preempt the votes of the citizens. Also, please tell Rep. Polis that you want him to stop this deal of a special session of the legislature. Call (202) 225-2161 or send him a message. Tell him to allow the past votes to stand and sign the petition to get initiative 75 for local control onto the ballot. Please oppose the Hickenlooper fracking deal. It will take away the hard won victories - the moratoriums and bans on fracking in Fort Collins, Boulder, Lafayette, and Broomfield. These bans and moratoriums allow us time to find out the results of health and scientific studies. Then we can make an informed choice, instead of letting the powerful and greedy oil and gas industry to grab profits before we know for sure whether they are harming our health, the water, and our future. For more info go to fractivist.org, frackfreecolorado.com, deargovernorHickenlooper.com, and 350colorado.org.