We've Donated Over $180,000 To Environmental and Wildlife Groups
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    We've Donated Over $180,000 To Environmental and Wildlife Groups

    Jim Morris supports groups that are committed to environmental protection, fighting climate change and helping wildlife.

    If you would like to start a fundraiser for your nonprofit, nature center or environmental group, send an email to info@jimmorris.com or enter your information into the form below.

    How it works:
    A. We take your design or develop a new design for you and offer it on a variety of t-shirts to your supporters. We sell it to them at prices such as $20 for basic t-shirt or $24 for an organic shirt.
    We donate $10 per shirt sold to you.
    Things that make it work:
    -Having an email list of supporters that you can email , saying the design is available as a fundraiser.
    -Having a website that can show the design and a shirt with the design, with a link to our landing page where they can buy it.
    -Having a good design.
    -Having an event such as a march or protest.
    Advantages are, you don't have to buy , store , or send out, or process credit cards, or do returns.

    B. You sell, and ship the shirt yourself : You ship out the shirt in appreciation for a donation. You order a quantity of shirts from us, pay for the shirts, store them, ship them out, and process the payment.
    Advantages: you may make a higher percent. Buying shirts ($6 basic shirt to $11 organic) and selling them for $35.

    C. Buy our wildlife and environmental designs at wholesale prices and sell them to your supporters in in your physical or online store