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    News — social media and politics

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    How Election consultants use highly targeted ads and lies on social media such as FB to destroy their opponents

    This shows how Cambridge Analytica alumni political consulting companies use private detectives, smear campaigns, social media, bots, and individually  targeted posts, using cell phone data to tell which people went to a rally, a particular Catholic church, to other events, etc.- all to tailor political campaigns to control the narrative, and spread fake news that accuses opponents of outrageous stuff.  It also makes up humorous stories that are amusing and go viral that mock political opponents .  They did this to pass Brexit and to elect Trump. 

    https://www.dw.com/en/undercover-on-an-election-campaign-how-pr-professionals-manipulate-us/a-58648089Undercover on an Election Campaign - How PR Professionals Manipulate Us

    Just how unscrupulous are international PR agencies that work on election campaigns? Using a fake identity, investigative journalist Peter Kreysler infiltrates their inner workings.