We've Donated Over $180,000 To Environmental and Wildlife Groups
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    PsyOps Developed for the Military now used in US Elections-FaceBook and Cambridge Analytica

    Microtargeted propaganda is developed first get young people not to become terrorists. Later it is used to persuade some people not to vote and to persuade others to vote. In 2016 it was used to elect Trump and other Republicans.   Big Data is stolen from FB and used to model which messages will appeal to the persuadables in key voting districts. Also, bribery and blackmail against politicians is used, taking film of them being offerred money to benefit a purported donor.  Young girls are sent to be filmed approaching politicians. There needs to regulation of fake ads, transparency about who paid for the ad and about campaign contributions.  Need to separate the military contractors who get paid to develop these techniques and the political campaigns that use them.  There is no agreement on what truth is.  FB is a crime scene 

    Cambridge whistle blower

     The Great Hack


    Do Sustainable Agriculture & Stop the Climate Emergency!

    Avoid rainwater runoff!   Move to Regenerative Agriculture.  Industrial farming  poisons the plants and soils with pesticides and leaves a barren, hard surface.  This causes the runoff of water and nutrients.  The plants and microbes that absorb carbon are killed, and the cloud water vapor is kept up high and away by the solar heat being reflected of the hard soil.  Then there is less water in the local soil system, where it can absorb heat by being evaporated.

    Mike and Patricia McCoy Save 608 Acre Tijuana Estuary for Birds and Wildlife

    Mike and Patricia McCoy  Save 608 Acre Tijuana Estuary for  Birds and Wildlife

    By organizing, lobbying their Congressman, visiting the US Fish and Wildlife service in Washington DC, and regularly exploring the wetlands, Mike and Patricia McCoy protected the wetland.  Despite having their meeting shot up by real estate developers, their efforts got this area protected as the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge and a neighboring  state park.  Over 370 species of birds use the estuary.  It is also a nursery for fish.  Story

    "Dark Waters"- Movie-Crusading Attorney & Community Force DuPont to Clean Up PFOA Toxic Waste Its Toxic Waste

    movie  This movie comes from the book Exposure about attorney Rob Bilott and the community of Parkersburg  rallying to uncover the toxic waste being dumped on them.  There is a happy ending to the book, as after years of battle, they get DuPont to clean up the mess and pay for medical treatment.  There is another documentary movie "The Devil We Know" about this fight over PFOAs and DuPont.