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    Big Oil Profits UP Dramatically

    Chevron profits up from $235 million to $5 billion!  

    Oil companies made $174 billion  in profits in 2021.

    Now Big Oil and Big Coal are pushing their latest charades;

    that we need to "burn baby burn" oil because otherwise we would harm low income citizens;  when really lower income people are more often victims of pollution from oil wells, pipelines, and refineries and that floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes harm lower income citizens more;

    that oil should go up because there are storms, fires , hurricanes, floods,... even though these are often worsened or caused by burning fossil fuels.

    we might have a war; even though weapons profiteers are pushing PR  chorus to create fear and demand for more weapons;

    that we need fracking to avoid  shortages; even though oil companies intend to export much of the fracked oil and gas;

    and that we should ignore their bonuses, stock buybacks, and their refusal to invest in wind, solar, batteries, and efficiency.