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    Global Warming Causes Warmer Sand and Seas, Making Baby Green Turtles Become Female

    A sea turtle island nesting site in Australia now has 99% of its young green turtles turning female. The sex is determined by the heat of the nesting beach, so hotter seas, air, and sand lead to dramatic changes in the ratio of females to males. We need to keep trees along beaches to shade them, and we need to fight against the oil and coal companies that are causing global warming. We make a turtle design on totebags, so you can replace plastic shopping bags that choke turtles and birds. Here is a link to the turtle totebag and t-shirts.   https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/01/australia-green-sea-turtles-turning-female-climate-change-raine-island-sex-temperature   https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/10/science/female-sea-turtles-global-warming.html

    songs of trees

    Great Tree Book: The Songs of Trees

    David George Haskell's new book fascinates me. He tells of the music and songs of trees and rivers: the sounds of rain on different leaves, the wind in the upper leaves of the ceibo trees, the calls of bromeliad frogs, of parrots, of insects, monkeys, crested owls, spectacled owls, tawny screech owls, and tinamou. He recounts the pain of a bullet ant bite. He relates that " good and harmonious life" with reciprocity and solidarity" Listen to the trees as you walk amongst them and as you dream. He describes the tension as local communities fight against the oil companies and consumerism in the Ecuadorean forests.


    Rachel Carson Play - A Sense of Wonder

    A friend immensely enjoyed the play acted by Kaiulani Lee. Rachel Carson found joy in observing nature, particularly in the seas and tidepools. And she collected the science, deduced that pesticides were killing the birds, and persuasively and poetically called to save the birds in her book, Silent Spring. The film of the play is available from PBS and iTunes.



    Phase Out Single Use Plastic - Bags, Straws, Etc.

    The editorial says we should set goals to stop the use of single use plastic. The EU is working on reducing plastic waste and considering a tax on plastic.California has banned single use plastic grocery bags. 100 cities have banned polystyrene food takeout boxes. Britain's PM proppsed phasing out plastic waste by 2042.



    Teens Win Legal Skirmish Over Oil Cos. and Government

    Young people and future generations can continue their lawsuit versus the US government policies favoring oil, coal, and gas companies and contributing to global warming.