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    Boulder Rights of Nature Film Festival poster

    Boulder Rights of Nature Film Festival

    Come see films about rhinos, condors, pandas, hawks, and orangutans; films about native cultures: Mayans, Inuit, Nuxalk, Micronesians, and Hawaiians; "Damnation", about dams; and "Burden of Dreams", about the making of Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo" in the Amazon. The Festival is run by the Boulder County Audubon Society, a voice for migratory bird and wildlife conservation through habitat protection, political action, and education. When: October 17-19, 2014 Where: Boulder Dairy Center for Performing Arts Tickets: Dairy Center for the Performing Arts ticket office and website Informational contact: Steve Jones More info: Living in Nature: First Boulder Rights of Nature Film Festival

    Melting glacier

    Huge march to stop climate change on September 20th and 21st in New York City

    Now we need thousands marching to pressure politicians to stop being bought off by oil, coal, gas, and utility companies. Sustainable power is possible: Texas and Germany get much of their power from wind turbines and solar panels now. We just need to stop oil, gas, coal, and utility companies from corrupting, intimidating, and bribing politicians to allow these companies to dump their CO2 in to the air, causing more extreme floods, fires, hurricanes, droughts, higher temperatures, a projected sea level rise of 10 feet, a 30% increase in ocean acidity, and extinctions. We need:

    • carbon taxes
    • increases in solar power, efficiency, and conservation
    • organizing to get universities, cities, churches and synagogues to sell their stocks
    • more support for green politicians
    • municipalization of electric utilities
    • tidal power
    • zoning laws that favor wind and solar power
    • campaign finance reform
    • jobs in increasing insulation and efficiency
    • in general, actions that make it immoral and illegal for oil gas, and coal companies to destroy the earth
    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/a-call-to-arms-an-invitation-to-demand-action-on-climate-change-20140521 Support: 350.org, sierraclub.org, and greenpeace.org. Recent climate change successes, from "A Big Win for Divestment" by Tim Dickinson in the June 5th, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone:
    • Stanford students organized votes of their senate, a referendum, and organized alumni to pressure Stanford to divest its endowment from stocks in coal companies.
    • Seattle and San Francisco are purging their portfolios from climate killing stocks.

    Mark Z Jacobsen

    Get Completely Off of Coal, Oil, and Gas

    Prof. Mark Z. Jacobsen of Stanford is speaking here in Boulder this month! On February 20th the Big Energy Seminar will be held in the Discovery Learning Center. Click here for more details Jacobsen wrote how with increased efficiency we can totally power our electricity, transportation, industry, and heating/cooling with solar, wind, and water—without coal, oil, and natural gas! He wrote A path to sustainable energy by 2030. This will reduce pollution, global warming, and wars for oil. Click here for more info about the article What do you think of the article?