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    Big Oil Profits UP Dramatically

    Chevron profits up from $235 million to $5 billion!  

    Oil companies made $174 billion  in profits in 2021.

    Now Big Oil and Big Coal are pushing their latest charades;

    that we need to "burn baby burn" oil because otherwise we would harm low income citizens;  when really lower income people are more often victims of pollution from oil wells, pipelines, and refineries and that floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes harm lower income citizens more;

    that oil should go up because there are storms, fires , hurricanes, floods,... even though these are often worsened or caused by burning fossil fuels.

    we might have a war; even though weapons profiteers are pushing PR  chorus to create fear and demand for more weapons;

    that we need fracking to avoid  shortages; even though oil companies intend to export much of the fracked oil and gas;

    and that we should ignore their bonuses, stock buybacks, and their refusal to invest in wind, solar, batteries, and efficiency.  

    Big Oil Outlobbies Citizens Fighting Climate Change

    Big Oil's paid lobbyists are countering the campaigns to fight climate change. This is because they gain so much power and money thru their existing business model-sort of a bigger is better trend towards oligopoly and monopoly. This started with the oil companies merging into ever bigger corporations. Also this was done by big banks, pharmaceutical companies, media companies, weapons companies, hospital chains, software companies, ....... At some point they spend more money on lobbying and on campaign contributions than on their products, research and development, sales, employees, and customers. They buy out their competitors and restrict competition, then they raise prices. They get bailouts, government contracts, PPP loans, favorable court rulings, etc.....  article