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    Divest from Banks, Pension Funds, and Institutions Financing Oil, Gas, and Coal

     Divest- move investments, bank accounts, and pension funds away from banks and institutions that finance, invest in, or fund more climate chaos.  Also, sell  shares and bonds of fossil fuel companies.

      investing in climate chaos   23 biggest institutions holding bonds and shares of stocks in investors (banks and financial services companies )  in oil, gas, and coal companies.

    https://www.bankingonclimatechaos.org Banks  Financing Fossil Fuel projects- Raising capital for Oil, Gas, and Coal companies, pipelines and projects by lending money and/or underwriting loans, debt (bonds) equity (stocks),  or by providing insurance.

    Plastics Recycling Fails & Poisons

    More toxic chemicals are released during plastics recycling.  And loil cos. push more plastics and recycling in order to develop a demand for more oil to pro duce plastics. They do this , in case demand for oil falls. New Yorker article june 26,2023 by Elizabeth Kolbert.  

    Oil Company Plans to Make Plastics Waste into Fuel by a Process that give 1 in 4 Persons Cancer

    link  " EPA gave a Chevron refinery approval to make a fuel that could leave people nearby with a 1-in-4 lifetime risk of cancer"  This would occur in a community already poisoned by many other industrial facilities.   "“So-called ‘chemical recycling’ has been touted by companies like Chevron as a way to reduce plastic waste through repurposing it but turning plastic waste into fuel increases greenhouse gas emissions, subsidizes the petrochemical industry, and harms frontline communities located near these facilities.”"

    Big Oil Profits UP Dramatically

    Chevron profits up from $235 million to $5 billion!  

    Oil companies made $174 billion  in profits in 2021.

    Now Big Oil and Big Coal are pushing their latest charades;

    that we need to "burn baby burn" oil because otherwise we would harm low income citizens;  when really lower income people are more often victims of pollution from oil wells, pipelines, and refineries and that floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes harm lower income citizens more;

    that oil should go up because there are storms, fires , hurricanes, floods,... even though these are often worsened or caused by burning fossil fuels.

    we might have a war; even though weapons profiteers are pushing PR  chorus to create fear and demand for more weapons;

    that we need fracking to avoid  shortages; even though oil companies intend to export much of the fracked oil and gas;

    and that we should ignore their bonuses, stock buybacks, and their refusal to invest in wind, solar, batteries, and efficiency.