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    Save the Clean Water Act along with the Streams, Wetlands and Lakes from Oil Companies.

    Save the Clean Water Act along with the Streams, Wetlands and Lakes from Oil Companies.


    Please click and comment to the EPA ant the Amy Corps of Engineers. Here is an alert from the Waterkeepers

    The last chance to comment on a Trump administration proposal that would gut the Clean Water Act is April 15. The proposal, which has no basis in science, would be disastrous for our waterways, removing safeguards from historically protected rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, and other waters.

    Just as a child with the flu can infect a whole classroom, pollution in these waterways could taint all the waters they connect with, imperiling drinking water sources and endangered species from coast to coast.

    Just a few examples:

    Sixty percent of creeks and streams in California could lose Clean Water Act protection.
    The Central Closed Basin, a 14,605-square-mile sub-watershed of the Rio Grande, stretching from Albuquerque into Mexico, could lose protection.
    Irrigation ditches that run for 250 miles along just one creek in the Rogue River watershed could lose protection.
    Montana’s Big Hole River, home to the last native sustaining population of Arctic Grayling in the lower 48 United States, could lose protection.
    Our complete work on this proposal is here.

    “It’s vital to the health of our larger rivers that these smaller rivers are protected,” says Wade Fellin, program director of Upper Missouri Waterkeeper.

    All our waters deserve protection. Speak up now to preserve the Clean Water Act’s protections for waterways around the country. We are close to 5,000 comments from our supporters. Please share this with a friend and help us get there!

    Note: Please personalize your comment by including the reasons why clean water is so important to you and any other concerns you have.

    Superloud Seismic Oil Exploration Could Injure 138,000 Whales and Dolphins

    These airgun soundbursts can be heard 2,500 miles away and go off every 10 seconds for months. They are planned on the Atlantic coast from Delaware down to Florida. Please support Greenpeace, Oceana, NRDC, and Sea Shepherd as they oppose this. https://www.ecowatch.com/seismic-tesing-oil-drilling-2402920868.html

    firestone fire

    Anadarko oil and gas company pays Dem insider and lobbyists to stop regulations

    Oil co. Anadarko lobbies against bills requiring information being available to the public while saying that they care for threatened homeowners. They spent $ 7 million lobbying for secrecy and to stop regulations. They hired the former senator, former Secy of the Interior, and former and current corporate atty. Salazar to grease the wheels of government. .:http://www.9news.com/news/local/next/the-political-influence-of-anadarko-colorados-largest-energy-company/441989412


    firestone fire

    Anti-Fracking Conference on Sat 5-5-17 in Longmont

    Leaders in the anti-fracking movement are speaking, after the 4-27-17 pipeline explosion that killed 2 people.

    Front Range Community College Longmont Campus 2121 Miller Dr. Classroom Bldg. Door C-4 Community Rm.
    https://www.facebook.com/events/105895039964263/ – Dr. Anthony Ingraffea - Professor of Engineering at Cornell University and globally recognized expert on the mechanics of shale gas and oil development. Speaking on the technical dangers of fracking. 10:30 AM – Dr. Lisa McKenzie - Assistant Research Professor, Colorado School of Public Health, University of CO – Speaking on the latest studies related to health implications of fracking on public health. 11:45 AM – Lunch – The City of Longmont Staff Members to answer citizens’ questions concerning fracking in Longmont. 12:45 PM – Josh Joshwick - Former LaPlata County Commissioner - Community Organizer for the Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Project (OGAP) – Speaking on pipeline infrastructure and the dangers that it poses for communities. 2:00 PM – Dan Leftwich-- Renowned Attorney – Speaking on the legal status of fracking in Colorado and considerations moving forward.

    standing rock image

    Standing Rock Protestors March on White House

    Folks are protesting pipelines in South Dakota, Illinois, Texas, and Louisiana. http://www.ecowatch.com/next-steps-dakota-access-pipeline-2318112920.html . Solutions: march, get involved in politics, support local sustainable food, and divest from banks that invest in pipelines. Here is info on divesting: http://www.defunddapl.org/