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    News — global warming

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    Teach-In on Fracking, Oil Spills, and Climate Change

    On Saturday 4-23-16 from 9 to 5, fascinating speakers will be at CU Math 100 from 9 am to 5 pm. Antonia Juhasz (live) wrote books about oil and Bush. Cornell professor Ingrafffea found that natural gas wells and pipelines leak at a high rate. TEACH IN: Featuring (live via skype) Professor Anthony Ingraffea, one of the world's leading experts on fracking technology. He wrote a paper on the methane ``leak rate'' of fracking wells/distribution which was denounced by President Obama's Dept. of Energy, and subsequently some years after the same folks apologized to Ingraffea. Ingraffea has also attracted attempts to, shall we say, intimidate him -- but he has not backed down and sticks with solid science/engineering. In person, we will have two exceptional investigative journalist/authors: Antonia Juhasz, San Francisco, (``Tyranny of Oil'' and other books) and Andrew Nikiforuk, Alberta, Canada (``Slickwater: Fracking and One Insider's Stand Against the World's Most Powerful Industry,'' and ``Tar Sands'', and other books), They will present talks and do a book-signing in conjuction with the Boulder Bookstore. We will also have local talent from NCAR (Dan Ziskin, on global warming scenarios that don't get press coverage) and others. Lunch available, but not free :)) Link

    Movie About Exxon Ads & PR to Deny Climate Change

    There is a free showing at 6 pm Friday April 22 in Math 110 on the CU campus tonight. Merchants of Doubt shows how oil companies paid PR people and thinktanks to lie and say that it wasn't happening, and if it was, then they didn't cause it, and if they did cause it, then there was no solution and if there was a solution, then it would be too expensive, and if it was not too expensive, then we should not solve it because that would threaten our way of life and jobs, and if it would not threaten our way of life and jobs, then we should not solve it because we should not trust our government and because we should seek a solution through the invisible hand of capitalism, and if we find that we can trust government regulations instead of self-interested capitalist polluters, then we should not regulate because we need "freedom" and to trust those elites who know what is best for the world ( and for their own power and profit). Greenpeace wrote that Exxon gave over $ 30 million to climate denial groups. Exxon scientists internally admitted that burning fossil fuels caused greenhouse gases and that "addressing the greenhouse effect ' would require major reductions in fossil fuel combustion' and that without the reductions ' there are some potentially catastrophic events that must be considered.' Yet while they researched and admitted internally that climate change was happening, they funded thinktanks and PR firms to deny it.  

    Youth Lawsuit on Climate Stays Alive!

    Ruling keeps lawsuit proceeding against government over failure to prevent climate change and the damage it will cause to young people. The oil & coal companies lost their attempt to dismiss the suit. Details.