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    Climate Chaos and other Human- Caused Unintended Consequences

    Climate Chaos and other Human- Caused Unintended Consequences

    Under a White Sky:the Nature of the Future interview  Elizabeth Kolbert in her new book visits cases where humans have "shot themselves in the foot" and examines whether attempts, such as geoengineering to block the sun and cool the planet, are crazy or better than not doing anything.  She goes into the problems of rabbits and cane toads displacing many creatures in australia and of canals allowing invasive species  such as zebra mussels to spread. -

    Scientists now consider using genetically modified gene drives to wipe out introduced species such as mice, rats, cats, snails, or goats that are themselves killing off native rare species such as albatrosses, ducks, which have evolved on islands and have no adaptation to survive the introduced species.  What could possible go wrong?

    NPR's Science Friday 3-12-21.

    Article by Elizabeth Kolbert

    Humanity Must 'Heal  Our Broken Relationship With Nature' to Prevent Future Pandemics

    Humanity Must 'Heal Our Broken Relationship With Nature' to Prevent Future Pandemics

    "We must curb the high risk trade and consumption of wildlife, halt deforestation and land conversion, as well as manage food production sustainably."



    "If we do not do things differently, we are finished," she said. "We can't go on very much longer like this."-Jane Goodall


    Endangered Species Go Extinct Rapidly and This leads to Pandemics

    "destructive human pressures such as climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, population growth, and wildlife trade, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions"

    "approximately 173 species went extinct between 2001 and 2014, which "is 25 times more extinct species than you would expect"

    “The vaccine for Covid-19 was natural habitat,” Dr. Ceballos said. “The pandemic is a great example of how badly we’ve treated nature.”



    60 % of Wildlife Populations Gone

    60 % of Wildlife Populations Gone

    This is due  to habitat loss and hunting for food.  This report from back in October is reinforced by the new reports that over 1 million species are at risk.  Our ability to eat and survive is threatened.