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    Coal Burning Causes Disease and Death

    600,000 doctors in Britain called for an end to coal burning in an article on the health and climate effects of coal. "Pollution also disproportionately impacts children and can cause diseases ranging from lung cancer to stroke, killing 40,000 people a year in the country." link We need to municipalize our electric utility to get out from under Xcel, the large utility that has invested heavily in building and retrofitting coal burning power plants.

    Hero Mike Roselle Talks Strategy & Motivation

    Mike Roselle says that we need confrontation, controversy, sacrifice, noncooperation, going to jail, and civil disobedience. He has stopped timeber sales and nuclear tests. He cofounded Earth First, The Rainforest Action Network, and the Ruckus Society. He moved to appalachia to fight mountain top removal. Resist! No Compromise! "When you say nonviolent direct action, you’re really talking about the Nuremberg Principles, you’re talking about resisting, you’re talking about noncooperation, and you’re talking about sacrifice." "We need a crash program to decarbonize the economy, a big ask, but nothing less will save us." - "If we are compromising, we are doing a disservice to the movement." - I have to do something. I can’t sit here and complain about all these injustices in the world if I am not actively involved in trying to make things better. The work is inspiring. I like it when we build a good team and campaign and achieve something. That is a good feeling. I have a lot of memories of moments when we defied the odds, when we stopped a timber sale or a nuclear bomb test, and that is to me the reward. "" If we are compromising, we are doing a disservice to the movement. "- Se more in the Progressive