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    News — birds

    Rachel Carson Play - A Sense of Wonder

    A friend immensely enjoyed the play acted by Kaiulani Lee. Rachel Carson found joy in observing nature, particularly in the seas and tidepools. And she collected the science, deduced that pesticides were killing the birds, and persuasively and poetically called to save the birds in her book, Silent Spring. The film of the play is available from PBS and iTunes.



    Trump's Interior Dept. Decides to Let Birds Die

    Filling-in wetlands, having uncovered oil waste ponds, and dumping poisons into waterways would be not be regulated by the International Migratory Bird Treaty.



    Trumpeter Swans Flourish

    Once they were common in the US and Canada. Then they were hunted for their feathers, skins, and meat. Around 1933 there were only 70 trumpeter swans left in the lower 48 states. Now there are more than 63,000. They recovered because hunting was banned, remnant populations were discovered in Alaska and near Yellowstone, wildlife refuges were created, and they were reintroduced to . Steve Jones gave a great talk to Boulder Audubon about how they are repopulating the lakes in western Nebraska. He likes to go and camp near them, watching their families grow, near spring fed lakes and rivers with otters, and chinook salmon. You can join the Trumpeter Swan Society to help them. http://www.trumpeterswansociety.org/

    hermit thrush

    Plant Native Trees & Bushs for Birds

    Enter your zip code and find what plants are good for birds and butterflies. A friend plated a cherry tree that is good for birds and pies too. https://www.audubon.org/native-plants

    Swallows, Cranes, Ducks & Flowers Are Back

    Swallows are back to nest in the bike path tunnel this morning in Boulder. Sandhill Cranes were flying Sunday morning 4-9-17.

    Scaups, American widgeon, and blue winged teal are back. The teal come all the way from South America.

    On sunday, the wildflowers were out: pasque flowers, sand lilies, salsify, purple and yellow violets, oregon grape, apple, plum, spring beauty, candy tuft, storkbills, salt and pepper, wild celery, kinnikkinnick, and a mustard with a rosette of yellow flowers and canoe paddle leaves.




    Save the Birds - Treat or Cover Windows

    Scary new photos show how birds look when they crash into glass windows. There are many solutions: covering windows with netting, curtains, patterns, frosting, dark or patterned vinyl, angling them down, having vegetation near the windows, .... threats to birds: vehicles, poison, outdoor cats, electrical lines, .... More solutions: keep cats indoors, ban persistent pesticides,... More Threats. Photo by Miranda Brandon, you can see her other photos here at www.mirandabrandon.com