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    News — activism

    Films on Communities Moving to Renewable Energy

    Film maker will show and discuss 2 short films about renewables here in Boulder at the Boulder Public Library on Monday, 4-25-16, from 6 to 7:45 pm. Refreshments at 5:45. Films you can watch online.

    SP 7: From Paris to New York
    Very few states in the U.S. have started to transform their economy in a way that would keep climate change at bay, and in a way that matches the Paris climate agreement. In the seventh episode of the series, Sustainability Pioneers visits New York, one of the states taking bold climate action. The goal of New York state’s new energy policy, Reforming the Energy Vision, is to get half of the state’s energy from clean sources by 2030. Sustainability Pioneers also visits Eco Village At Ithaca and Hunt Country Vineyards in the Finger Lakes to see how the energy transition is unfolding at the grassroots level.
    SP 5: Becoming Energy Independent
    One of Germany’s “green pockets”, Climate Community Saerbeck, shows a model to the world of how to become energy independent in a sustainable way. A town of about 7,000 people started its climate protection and adaptation work in 2009, and in just five years the town was producing more renewable energy than it consumes. Saerbeck now produces 300 percent more renewable energy than the town consumes. Sustainability Pioneers also interviews Ralf Fuecks, the president of Heinrich Böll Foundation, and climate scientist Neil Donahue from Carnegie Mellon University. Neil Donahue explains how we need to reduce our carbon footprint, and Ralf Fuechs offers his view if this is feasible in the U.S.
    I think that the Saerbeck story might be of interest to people in Boulder - one of the first things Saerbeck did when they started their climate adaptation and mitigation project was to municipalize its utility. - film maker Kirsi Jansa.

    Environmental Heros

    Link. Goldman Prize Winners. Destiny Watford organized students and neighbors organized to stop a toxic waste incinerator in Maryland. Leng Ouch worked undercover as logger to document illegal logging in Cambodia. Zuzana Caputova organized residents to stop an illegal toxic waste dump in town. Luis Herrera campaigned to create a nature preserve to protect wildlife. Edward Loure devceloped a movement to give land to indiginous communities. Maxima Acuna defended her right to farm against the newmont gold mine in Peru.

    Activist asks for Non-violent Community Defense Protests

    Razz Gormley volunteered to to go join Greenpeace and rappel off the bridge to block the Shell oil icebreaker in Portland. Fracking gas companies and oil companies drilling in the Arctic corrupt our courts, legislatures, elections, governor, and Congress. So he asks us to help, and says there is a great group of people who will support you. Here is the article:link . He is a leader in this group:frack free colorado.