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    Free Climate Activist Nasheed of the Maldives Islands

    Free ex-President Nasheed, now.   Contact t The UN condemened his imprisonment.  He was jailed for speaking  on behalf of  low lying islands;  against countries pushing to cnotinue global warming; and against the corruption of his country    Link

    Here is Freedom Now, which asks for the release of political prisoners. Link

    Posted on October 8, 2015

    Call your Representative to Help Elephants, Polar Bears, & Birds

    There are hearings on October 8.  Ask them to oppose the bill, HR 2406, which would  overturn rules against  illegal ivory trade and  elephant poaching.  This bad bill will also allow polar bear trophies to be imported, and it will prevent rules against lead ammunition that poisons birds. Support Rep Grijalva’s amendment to protect elephants.  LINK

    Posted on October 7, 2015

    Swallows leave, leaves fall, aspen glow, elk bugle, veggies and berries still ripen

    This week the barn swallows that gather on the lines have left. The cottonwood leaves have been falling in Boulder, and the aspen leaves have been turning and falling in the mountains. I still see chicory blue blossoms in town. It is fun to watch the aspen and cottonwood leaves fall, then float on the creek, while some lay underwater.

    On a hike up a 12,900′ mountain, we saw the golden old-man-in-the-mountain flower, some yellow cinqufoils, and a flock of rosy finches. Lower we were serenaded by bugling elk and woodpeckers in the morning. We became trailless for a while coming down from North Diamond Peak when we tried to descend diagonally instead of following the trail back along the mountains shoulders to the pass and the trail. We hiked through deadfall and swampy meadows for a while. The aspen were dramatically gold, bronze, and yellow. A mountain bluebird dipped its tail rhymically on a post at the pass before flashing some bright blue as it flew. There are still ripe tomatoes and raspberries in town.

    Posted on October 2, 2015