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    Archive — orcas

    Baby Orcas, Wildflowers, Woodpeckers and Ducklings

    A customer from Bainbridge Island, Washington, told me that 4 baby orcas were recently born near there.  This good news as the population of orcas thee had not been doing so well.

    Wallflowers, penstemons, bluebells,  rose bushes,  cinquefoil, a coyote striding thru a prairie dog campus, a spotted towhee that was so tame, it didn’t fly away from the bush by the edge of the path as we walked below it and then above it.

    Last Sunday fields of pasque flowers, a few larkspurs, and lots of sand lilies at 8000 feet in mixed ponderosa/ doug fir forest.  A downy woodpecker and lots of frog calls. from little pocket ponds in the rock.

    I just saw 7 ducklings.  They shake their heads.  Their mom tilts her head, quacks , and herds them from behind.

    Posted on May 22, 2015