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    Archive — activism

    Activist asks for Non-violent Community Defense Protests

    Razz Gormley volunteered to to go join Greenpeace and rappel off the bridge to block the Shell oil icebreaker in Portland.  Fracking gas companies and oil companies drilling in the Arctic corrupt our courts, legislatures, elections,  governor, and Congress. So he asks  us to help, and says there is a great group of people who will support you.

    Here is the article. He is a leader in this group: Frack Free Colorado.


    Elephants: Locals and Activists versus International Gangs

    Community conservancies provide  jobs as rangers and income to poor local people. Then the clans protect the elephants.  Elephants are being killed faster than they can reproduce.  Their range has decreased from 3 million square miles in 1978 to 1 million square miles in 2007. The Russian mob, Irish organized gangs,  the Chinese mafia, and African and Asian gangs control the $ 188 million per year illegal ivory trade.   This is part of the huge, $ 19 Billion per year illegal trade in  plants and animals: illicit timber, animals, birds, rhino horns, animal pelts, …. There are many good groups working to save elephants: the Environmental Investigation Agency,  Born Free USA, Wildllfe Direct, Save the Elephants, the park and wildlife wardens, Kenya’s Northern Rangelands Trust (that do the community conservancies), the International Fund for Animal Welfare, WWF’s TRAFFIC, the Project for the Application of Law for Fauna, Wildlife Direct, Maisha Consulting, ConflictArmament, C4ADS, Wildlife Conservation Society,  WWF, Elephant Listening Project,  Global Witness,   Eagle Wildlife Law Enforcement, the Max Planck Institute, and Greenpeace. link ( some of the groups come from the other articles: New Yorker and Earth Island.)

    Posted on August 13, 2015

    Demand Votes against TPP & Fast Track- Save Wildlife & Ourselves

    Here it shows how TPP will prevent regulations on  food safety, Wall Street, water pollution, and global warming. Here it shows how parts of the TPP and Fast Track allow foreign corporations to overturn laws that limit water pollution  caused by metal mining and fracking. The WTO lets Mexican tuna companies sue to stop the law about dolphin safe tuna labels and also to stop the law requiring country of origin labels on meat.  The TPP postpones cheaper generic drugs and prevents governments from regulating the prices of drugs.

    Posted on June 2, 2015

    Boulder Rights of Nature Film Festival

    Boulder Rights of Nature Festival

    Come see films about rhinos, condors, pandas, hawks, and orangutans;  films about native cultures: Mayans, Inuit, Nuxalk, Micronesians, and Hawaiians; “Damnation”, about dams; and “Burden of Dreams”, about the making of Herzog’s “Fitzcarraldo” in the Amazon.

    The Festival is run by the Boulder County Audubon Society, a voice for migratory bird and wildlife conservation through habitat protection, political action, and education.

    When: October 17-19, 2014
    Where: Boulder Dairy Center for Performing Arts

    Posted on October 17, 2014