We've Donated Over $197,000 To Environmental and Wildlife Groups
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    Grow Local & Organic Food & Community

    The Dervais family grow enough food on their yard to feed themselves and to make a living. Click here to see u-tube video of them. Click here for their FB page. Click here for their website. Here are books on local food production and permaculture . Here is Organic Life magazine. Here is info on organic farming. Here is the permaculture magazine. Guest Blogger Linda Hardesty suggeted the Devais utube video and here are her comments: The Dervais family, with their "Path to Freedom" (link), are spreading a truly revolutionary idea. That is the idea that an average family can free themselves from the corrupt system that supplies most of the food in this country. The massive corporations that control food production and distribution have, for the most part, succeeded in throwing off what little government inspection and oversight there was in the past. "Ag-Gag" bills and the criminalization of whistleblowers have led to a place where we are not allowed to know where our food comes from or what kinds of poisons have been applied to it. Growing your own is really the ONLY way to have a safe, reliable food supply. The bright side of this picture is that growing your own food is easier than ever! Not only is it safer - everyone knows that homegrown is the tastiest and freshest food possible. In recent years, modern science and ancient agricultural knowledge have teamed up to give you the ability to grow food on a small amount of land, for less time and effort than it would take to earn the money to buy it. Local, sustainable, organic food gives peace of mind in several ways.  

    Elk, Mountain Views, & Shooting Star flowers

      Elk with velvet green antlers at 7000 ', shooting star flower by the creek (with its petals/sepals bent back, the neat red zigzag at its mouth, stamens poking out and down, waiting for the buzzing of a bee to release the pollen) , pasque flowers, larkspur, views from 8200 ' of the snowclad mountains along the continental divide ( Evans, Squaretop, Greys, the Arapahoes, Navajo, Apache, Toll, Audubon, Sawtooth, St. Vrain, Meadow, Elk's Tooth, Copeland, Meeker, Long's, Chiquita, Ypsilon, Fairchild, Hagues, Mummy). Also, the Pourdre running high with crème and froth amongst the haystacks.  

    Demand Votes against TPP & Fast Track- Save Wildlife & Ourselves

    Write letters to the editor. Call & email your Representative and Senators. Here it shows how TPP will prevent regulations on food safety, Wall Street, water pollution, and global warming. Here it shows how parts of the TPP and Fast Track allow foreign corporations to overturn laws that limit water pollution caused by metal mining and fracking. The WTO lets Mexican tuna companies sue to stop the law about dolphin safe tuna labels and also to stop the law requiring country of origin labels on meat. The TPP postpones cheaper generic drugs and prevents governments from regulating the prices of drugs.

    Wildflowers, a coyote, and a spotted towhee

    Wallflowers, penstemons, bluebells, rose bushes, cinquefoil, a coyote striding thru a prairie dog campus, a spotted towhee that was so tame, it didn't fly away from the bush by the edge of the path as we walked below it and then above it.

    Pasque Flowers and Frogs

    Last Sunday fields of pasque flowers, a few larkspurs, and lots of sand lilies at 8000 feet in mixed ponderosa/ doug fir forest. A downy woodpecker and lots of frog calls. from little pocket ponds in the rock.