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    Archive — plastics

    Think BPA-free Plastics are Safe? Think again.

    BPA-Free Plastics

    Recent studies have shown that BPA-free plastics often used in cups, bottles, and containers can be just as dangerous as BPA plastics, if not more so.

    Most of the 80,000 chemicals in use have not been tested for safety due to lobbying, lawsuits, PR campaigns, and campaign contributions by chemical companies.

    Solution: Use STAINLESS STEEL and GLASS for BOTTLES and FOOD CONTAINERS (sippy cups, Tupperware, water bottles, especially for children). MINIMIZE the use of plastics.

    Estrogenic chemicals leach from many plastics and are correlated with breast cancer and altered childhood development.

    Read the Democracy Now interview and Mother Jones article for details on the struggle to publicize this research.

    Posted on March 5, 2014