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    Archive — climate change

    CU Students: “Divest from Fossil Fuel Stocks”

    In camping out, the students remind me of the  cardboard shantytown that students built and lived in 26 years ago to pressure the CU  administrators to divest from companies doing business with apartheid South Africa.  Here is an article on the protest.  We printed the divest  t-shirts for the CU students.  And 26 years ago, Jimmy Walker perched atop the extension ladder that he had roped to the cardboard shantytown, so that if  the cardboard structure were removed, then he would plummet.

    Posted on April 15, 2015

    Forests threatened by global warming

    Warmer temperatures and droughts may lead to trees drying out faster than they can suck up water. According to an article in Rolling Stone, drought stressed trees have less sap to use to defend themselves from insects.  They are also more vulnerable to  wildfires.  Instead of live tress absorbing carbon, dead trees may release carbon.  Fires will release soot, which can lead to more warming.  Live forests store about 25 % of greenhouse gas emissions. 

    Join Clean Energy Action350.org350clorado.orgGreenpeace, Citizens’ Climate Lobby,  and Sierra Club to work against global warming.

    Posted on March 23, 2015