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    Lynn Canal Conservation (LCC)

    has been fostering responsible stewardship of Chilkat Valley watersheds and coastal areas of upper Lynn Canal for 47 years. This place is not only the most beautiful part of Alaska’s inside Passage, but is one of the most biologically diverse. It is home to all five species of pacific salmon, many species of whales and other marine mammals, the greatest mammal diversity in Southeast Alaska, including black and brown bears, moose, lynx and wolves, the highest vascular plant diversity, and the world’s largest gathering of bald eagles. LCC fought hard in the 1970’s to establish what became the world famous Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve near Klukwan, a Tlingit community north of Haines. Audubon Alaska ranks the Chilkat Valley as one of the highest value watersheds for salmon habitat in Alaska and recognizes its unique value as a migration corridor for migratory birds. Unfortunately is also rated highest on the index of ecological risk. LCC needs support to continue protecting this vulnerable jewel from industrial scale mining, clearcutting, hydroelectric and highway projects, and a host of other threats.

    We chose the stunning image of the Arctic Tern for our t-shirts rather than the more iconic Alaskan species like bears, wolves, eagles, or salmon because:

    *They are beautiful
    *They are a small but vital part of the intricate web of life
    *They are the world champion migrators, traveling up to 36,000 km./year
    *They nest on gravel river bars and beaches in the Chilkat Valley area
    *Their nests are vulnerable to industrial scale tourism, including crushing or displacement by four wheelers

    They are threatened by mining which poisons salmon fry, an important food source during nesting.

    Your purchase of these beautiful t-shirts helps spread the LCC name and message and provides us with much needed money to continue our programs. Learn more about LCC at: http://www.lynncanalconservation.org/