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High quality clothing & fantastic staff!!! Very impressed!!

Kelly H

We order our CU Environmental Center tshirts from Jim and his team. They turn out great and we all love wearing them!

Sarah H

Just wanted to contribute a testimonial to your business: I really appreciate the attentive customer service of your company, that's a rare thing. About a year after ordering several organic t-shirts from your website they're still in great shape! Thanks so much!

Richard S - VA

Thank you for the beautiful shirts.They all fit great and look superb and send a good environmental message.

Laurie P

These t-shirts are wonderful. The colors are fantastic! I have received several compliments. Thank you for what is turning out to be a wonderful way to start a environmentally friendly conversation.

Carolyn B

Great campaign, and as usual great products. Thanks.


So many compliments from people I've given them to. I love the sayings.

Peg G

Excellent job you do for our environmental causes. Artwork is awesome! It is food for the spirit and soul.

Marvin Ellison

I love your shirts. You are awesome.

Laura B

Her son loves to wear these, to strut his pictures and messages. These are the only shirts that he's wanted for decades.

Kristin T

I want to thank you for your fast service and also for your lovely t-shirts! I really think they're terrific! They are very well made and the designs on them are fantastic! Thank you very much.

Beverly S

Fantastic artists & fantastic colors, also affordable.

Patricia M

I love T-shirt designs that remind me of places I've been, nature I've enjoyed, and that are artistically exciting!!

Dolores G

I love the t-shirts!